View Full Version : Tuesday 2-5-08

2.5.08, 3:09 PM
Good afternoon! I slept in today tell 11AM! Well I was up late last night because I helped close at Blockbuster! Today I work there from 5 to 10PM so will be my last day there! Will have to give my boss my forwarding address so she can send my final check to me and my W-2 for next year. Well I have a lot to do today so just trying to wake up and get motivated. Hope all is well for all! :blush2ey:

2.6.08, 10:40 AM
I'm late getting in here. Had the grandsons yesterday, so that kept me busy.

2.6.08, 11:46 PM
Well I understand about being busy with your grand son's they can keep you busy! Glad you had a nice day with them! I didn't get much done still haven't gotten anything packed! Need to get busy!:p