View Full Version : Update on my sick friends..

2.3.08, 1:13 PM
My co worker's husband is out of ICU. I haven 't talked to her for a couple days. He went to the regular room..and holding his own. They put a stent in..and he was doing ok with that..but he has numerous health problems..too many to mention. So I think they were just trying to get his strength up before sending him home. And my mom called to ask about Billy..the one with brain cancer. Fran..his mom told my mom they have hospice for him now. Things don't look good. Please keep Richard (that's my co worker's husband) and Billy in your prayers still. Thanks!

2.5.08, 3:07 PM
Phyllis good news to hear the one is out of ICU and doing well! I am continuing to pray for him though that he has a full recovery! But sorry to hear Billy is in Hospice. That must be so hard on him and his family. I'm keeping him in my prayers as he makes arrangments etc. for his death. May they all be comforted and may God take him home soon and without to much pain.:)

2.6.08, 10:39 AM
Richard..the one that had the heart stent. As of Monday he was still in the hospital. His wife talked that they might send him to physical rehab to get his strength built back up.
As for Billy..my heart breaks for his family. I'm still praying for Billy as God can perform miracles..but this time I think God will be taking him home before too long. Billy is only 49 yr. old I think.

2.6.08, 11:39 PM
Well I'm still praying for both. I do hope your friend gets his strength back up and is doing well and gets better. As for Billy I do hope God will take him without any pain or suffering.:winkq: