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1.30.08, 2:46 PM
I just read the spoiler that Bo will become ill. I watched the episode today and they were doing a great flashback of Bo and Hope's life together. WHY are they messing with them now?? Is Peter Reckell leaving Days? This is just so horrible

1.30.08, 11:21 PM
He better not be leaving!!!!!! OMG!! I'll say this, for whatever reason, Days ( to me) has been on fire lately. This whole Brady/DiMera feud with a twist is actually watchable.

Colleen entering the picture and the deliciously mad Marlena and of course John being back, things ( to me) have taken a turn for the better.

I think that Bo, strong, tough Bo with the hard exterior, rebel with a cause Bo has never really had a storyline like this. I don't know how sick he will be but maybe this will bring Victor back on screen. Also, Bo actually having to face his mortality would be interesting ( to me). It certainly will bring him and Hope closer so, although I may not like him being sick, I would like to see where this goes. As long as they don't kill him off.

I would like the Ford Decker storyline to be over though. And for heavens sake, let Lucas out!!!

2.5.08, 12:40 AM
So did anyone find out what Steve and Kayla told Bo? Is he sick with something? I missed that part. :confused:

2.5.08, 1:31 AM
They didn't get around to telling Bo in todays episode. I also thought it was pretty tacky of Lexie to tell E.J. that Kayla is pregnant before she tells Kayla herself!

2.6.08, 9:31 PM
Is Hope going to be sick too? She was complaining of back pain just like Bo is. Hmmm...I wonder what is going on here?

2.6.08, 9:49 PM
That was weird to me also. Days is cooking up something very interesting here.