View Full Version : Tired of Days? Try the Guilding Light!

1.29.08, 11:12 PM
I have been watching Days since I was a little kid...years and years. And I still do, for that matter. But I have started watching the Guiding Light..for about the last year or so....and it really beats Days on so many levels. For one thing..no brain chips, possessions...loading memories on a cd.
And the pace is so much faster. Stuff happens! They dont drag a story out forever and ever ( even you most loyal Days fans have to admit they do this to a fault!) and they move things along really well.

I cant remember when I really loved Days ( oh wait...yes I can...when Austin told off Sami before the wedding in Vegas. How many years ago was that?) If you are feeling the same way, please try Guiding Light. You will love it.

Linda J.
1.30.08, 7:07 PM
Tuesday Jan.29th was the best Days episode in a long time. I am just loving it now. The writers have really improved, or it is the make up writers making it fantastic!

1.30.08, 8:10 PM
I'll check out GL. Thanks. It's the oldest of the soaps, isn't it? I do get tired of the brain chips and stuff. lol. But I hafta admit, when Marlena was possessed was what got me watching Days. lol. But I'm not really into that. I do miss the old timey soaps. So I will check GL. But I'll still watch Days too.

1.30.08, 11:29 PM
I watch GL every now and then. That little kid who acts like Damien from the OMEN movies is something else...lol Besides, Jonathan is coming back & it really should be good.