View Full Version : "Two-finger scroll" & the end of the mouse.

Dr. Mike
1.29.08, 10:52 AM
Who here has used the "two-finger scroll" and what do you think of it?

For myself, I think that two-finger scrolling is one of the most intriguing and brilliantly simple innovations in computers in many years. I should put that in bold: two-finger scrolling is one of the most intriguing and brilliantly simple innovations in computers -- surpassing the mouse itself.

Thank you to the unsung engineer at Synaptics or at Apple or wherever who invented this great concept. It is fantastic. (Who is that hidden geek?)

It's amazing how much of an effect something as simple as this has on the simplicity of using a computer.

For those of you who haven't seen it or had a chance to try it, find yourself a newish Macintosh laptop computer (older machines may not have the feature) and give it a try.

The simple idea is that if you put two finger tips on the touchpad then the contents of the active window will scroll in the direction that you move your fingers. So simple, but once you try it you realize that it's just amazing.

Tap two-fingers and you get the context menu -- like right-clicking in Windows; just simpler.

The two-finger'ed gestures on the touch pad make manipulating your computer so much simpler and faster.

You wouldn't think that reaching for a mouse is such a big deal, but as soon as you get rid of it you realize that it's a HUGE waste of time and effort. Just flipping your fingers on the touch pad is so much easier and makes so much sense!

There's been some talk that Apple may be patenting this wonderously simple idea and I wouldn't blame them for it, but I do hope that it becomes available for Windows computers too. I've also read somewhere that it is actually an innovation created by Synaptics, the people who make Touchpads. That would make sense, but there seems to be no mention of two-finger scrolling at their website (http://www.synaptics.com) (www.synaptics.com (http://www.synaptics.com)).

I'm already looking forward to tossing out my mouse to switch to a two-finger touchpad -- including for my desktop PC. If I could just find a two-finger scrolling driver, my mouse would be gone! (It's that good.)

I just hope that I don't have to toss out my whole Windows computer to do it!

Dr. Mike
1.29.08, 12:59 PM
PS: if anybody here comes across a Windows XP or Vista driver to support two-finger scrolling, please, please post a link to it.


1.30.08, 11:45 AM
Nope, I hate using a touchpad. I use a bluetooth mouse with my laptop. I only use the touchpad if for some reason I loose connection, or the batteries die on the mouse. And my laptop (Dell Inspiron) has a scroll feature. It's at the far right of the touchpad and bottom of the touchpad. It looks like a little bar, and if I put my finger on it I just have to go up and down (or right or left) and it scrolls.
But I still prefer my wheel mouse. I use my laptop on my lap and it just seems really restricted to have my hand right there. With the mouse I can stretch my arm out a bit and use the mouse.

11.9.08, 2:34 PM
i use notebooks more often than desktops anymore gort used to the touchpad dont even think about it anymore tapping ans scrolling are second nature to me now
now if I could just type correctly...

11.9.08, 2:44 PM
I rarely use the touchpad on my laptop, to the point that I forget it's there. My wireless mouse was ailing recently and I was lost, couldn't use the touchpad for what I was trying to do at all.