View Full Version : My first physical therapy appt.

1.28.08, 8:31 PM
My first visit to physical therapy was this afternoon. I guess all went fine. The physical therapist says it isn't too bad that I can do home exercises. Proceeds to show me what to do..and how many times,etc. I have to do this routine of exercises twice a day..followed with icing it afterwards for at least 10 minutes. He says I have lost strength in that leg already in just two weeks. If not showing any improvement in two weeks..call the dr. back..as I'm not suppose to see him till March 4. He told me NO bowling at least for 3-4 weeks...but work would be ok. Standing on it will hurt some..but not going to re injur the area. I'd rather him say NO Work..but you can bowl..ha ha. But I know the bowling is what caused the damage to begin with..so I'd better behave right? LOL It was sore this morning..but I am able to bend it. Just tender and will take time to heal.

1.28.08, 10:33 PM
I'm sure the therapy will help your knee feel better. Just takes time to get there. Guess you have to sit on the side lines and watch other people bowl. Maybe you can be their critit and tell them what they do wrong, lol.

You just sit when you can and take it easy!!!

1.29.08, 10:37 AM
Thanks CJ. I have exercises to do at home now. They don't look streneus..but after doing them a few times....they are!! LOL. I am told to put ice on it after the exercises which I have to do twice a day. Will just take time. I'm gonna go watch them bowl tonight and be their cheer leader..ha ha.

1.29.08, 11:04 AM
Hi dragonmom,
You better do as the Dr. told you!Lol My sister had the same knee injury a year ago and had sugery. Her knee is still stiff and she is trying everything .Physical theraphy,she had a second surgery and accupuncture. Now one doctor told her she should not have had the surgery . So do everything thy tell oyu to do and take it easy on that leg. If one Dr. suggests surgery .make sure you get a second opinion. I do hope your leg gets better soon.
Now go get your little cheerleader skirt on and be the cheerleader at bowling tonight.Lol

2.1.08, 8:45 AM
Well I know the home therapy should help. Just take it easy and be careful! And I know you miss bowling but cheering your team on is fun too! Just be careful at work and don't over do it!:)