View Full Version : Tax time..uggh

1.28.08, 8:25 PM
Anyone ever say doing your taxes online is easy..doesn't know me!!! LOL I got so frustrated..I was biting Terry's head off and calling Jill for help. She's finally finished it for us...now just waiting on one tax question to be answered before finalizing it. First time I put the info in..I entered mine twice...shoot..we were owing big time!!! Now finally got the amount right..going through two different programs online...so we are getting money back..woo hoo!!! Hard when you don't have children to claim anymore..can I claim my cats? I guess if I can figure out a way to get them social security cards..lol

1.29.08, 11:07 AM
I got a cat and three dogs .Can I claim them too? Lol My hubby does the takes .I just won't even try.Lol

2.1.08, 8:42 AM
Dragsy glad your getting money back! That is exactly why I don't do mine! I hate the frustration and problems! I just take mine to H & R Block and then all is well! Take care! :)