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1.28.08, 10:14 AM
Just having my second cup of coffee. I'm just feeling sort of down this morning worrying about my friends. A co worker just called me. She wasn't at work on Friday or Saturday. Her husband is in ICU . I called and talked to her son yesterday so she calls me back this morning. Richard is a very sick man..numerous health problems. He was having chest pains Friday...so he was brought to the hospital. They did a heart cath on him..and he has blockage but too sick to go through bypass surgery right now. He also has some blood clots. Please keep him in prayer. And another co worker has cancer. She beat it once before..but it's come back. My heart just goes out to them..and keeping them in prayer. Then on a happier note...a friends daughter is having a baby today!! I am waiting to hear the blessed news. I may go up and see Richard and the new baby tomorrow..both are in the same hospital. Just a "downer" morning. I hope things look brighter . I have physical therapy at 1 PM today..but before I go..need to run to the bank and pay a couple bills. Hope everyone has a good Monday.

1.28.08, 9:24 PM
My friend Kathi is a grandma again..a baby girl. Chloe Alyse..7 lb. 10 oz...mommy and baby are doing well.

1.29.08, 12:11 PM
Congratulations to your friend!. Grandbabies are wonderful!
I 'll keep your other friends in my prayers. I hope they will both recover soon.

1.29.08, 3:38 PM
Thank you coffenut. I'll try to keep everyone posted on them when I hear.

2.1.08, 12:56 AM
Sorry I wasn't able to post this on Monday cause I was in Denver! Wow so a friend is in ICU? How is he doing? I am keeping him in my prayers. Also good news about the friend who is a grandma again! That is wonderful!:)

Well on Monday I got to enroll in Denver at the Bel-Rea Institute of Animal Technology! Yipee! I'm realizing my dream this year! Going back to school to get my Associates in Animal Science! Can't wait! Start March 31st and then my classes start April 1st! So exciting. Just applied for my FASA tonight but have to call the institute to find out a code cause it didn't give me one. But I saved it so all is good! Well It's getting late and been a long day! Put my resignation in for both jobs and my last day I'm hoping will be Sunday, February 10th I hope. Well TTFN will post more later!:)

2.1.08, 10:43 AM
I hope your co-workers husband and your other co-worker are doing well. I will keep them in my thoughts and prayers.

2.3.08, 1:09 PM
Hi Michelle...you are new here right? Good to have you aboard! Julie..we have chatted on msn numerous occasions..so we've talked about your newest venture..a move and going back to school. I wish you the best..you know that.

2.3.08, 2:12 PM
HI Dragonmom...I am new! Thank you for saying hello. Your friends are all in my thoughts and prayers. Hope you are having a nice weekend. Look forward to chatting again soon.

2.4.08, 12:24 PM
Michelle hope to see you around here more often!! There just a handful of us on this particular board..Kaffee Klatsch. And we don't always get in here daily..but everyone here is so nice. Hope to see you around.

2.4.08, 8:29 PM
Hey there! Well had a terrific Monday! Got good news about my amended refund! I get a lot of money back in March! Woot woot! So that made me very happy cause I can pay off all my debt before starting school! So I will be debt free except for rent and school expenses etc. So that was a blessing! :blush2ey:

2.5.08, 12:00 AM
Julie..I'm happy for you!! This is working out good with your upcoming move and all.

2.5.08, 3:05 PM
Thanks Dragsy. I'm looking forward to the move and also going back to school! I do hope your friend is doing better in ICU or out by now so keep me posted OK? :)