View Full Version : Sunday 1-27-08

1.27.08, 8:07 AM
Well I'm up and trying to get awake. Been a long two days of work for me! Luckily tonight I'm off from Blockbuster and I can rest and get packed! Whew! Wind is still blowing and stuff so we shall see how the roads are tonight before I go to bed! If they close the roads again we won't be going I guess. We've had a lot of bad accidents this weekend already! So keep me in your prayers about the weather etc. OK? Well hope everyone has a good Sunday! :blush2ey:

1.28.08, 9:09 AM
Well...this is Monday, and I know you headed out to Denver yesterday evening, so I'm hoping you got there safely. Keeping you in prayer for a safe return too.

1.29.08, 11:13 AM
i hope the weather is better for you. I haven't been around so I don't know where you are going on your trip. But I wish you a safe travel.

2.1.08, 8:35 AM
Well I made it back from my trip to Denver but not without problems! The weather here has been so bad it has been closing the roads between Rawlins and Laramie! In fact we were lucky to get back because of all the accidents and traffic! So I'm glad to be back but pray the weather will clear before we have to start moving back to Denver! :rolleyes: