View Full Version : Saturday 1-26-08

1.26.08, 8:12 AM
Well up early and the wind is howling. I got stuck last night coming home from work. But God was with me and got me unstuck! Don't ask me how! Any ways I'm worried about getting stuck again this morning with all this blowing and drifting snow. I pray I can get out without any problems! Well worked both jobs yesterday and was very tired when I got home. Then work again both jobs tonight too. By Sunday night I will be exhausted! I can't wait tell Monday but with the weather the way it is I'm not sure we will be going out of town. So we will see! Well take care!:winkq:

1.26.08, 9:58 PM
Julie..so sorry the weather is so bad your way still. Just be careful out there on the roads ok? I'll keep you in prayer..for your safety. I know you must be wiped out by now. Hope you get some much needed rest soon. My day went ok..but very exhausting..and my knee smarts too!!

1.27.08, 8:05 AM
Yep I'm getting tired! I wasn't wanting to get out of bed this morning. Oh well I'll get a nap in today after work since I'm off this evening. Then get ready for my trip! I do hope the roads stay open etc. If not I will be sleeping in I guess. We've had such bad winds here. They are blowing all the snow around etc. So we shall see! Well hope your Knee gets to feeling better and glad your day went OK. Take care!:winkq: