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5.26.07, 8:37 AM
Has anyone read the trilogy by Philip Pullman called "His Dark Materials?" Hollywood has made a movie named "The Golden Compass" but I can't tell if it's based on the first book (GC) or all three. I watched a preview of the movie online last night. Nicole Kidman is the bad lady and Daniel Craig is Lord Asriel (sp?). The movie website is really cool, it made me a daemon based on 20 questions I answered. I'm all geeked out about this movie ... I even circled the day it's coming out (12/7/07) on my calendar.

5.26.07, 4:58 PM
It looks to me like it's based on the first book only, with (hopeful) plans to do all three. I'm guessing the producers are waiting to see how it does, money-wise. If it's a hit, they'll do the rest. The author refers to it being the"first of" so... maybe 3 separate movies.

5.26.07, 9:50 PM
I hope it's only on the first book because to try to make one movie out of three books would be a crime (unless it was nine hours long). It would be like trying to make one movie out of three Harry Potter books.

I heard that initially they had cast Paul Bettany (he played Silas in the DaVinci Code and John Nash's imaginary red-headed friend in A Beautiful Mind, he is married to Jennifer Connoly - sp?) for Lord Asriel. But they wound up with Daniel Craig in the role. I was excited about Bettany in the role and was disappointed when they re-cast. But now that I've seen the trailer with Craig I am totally buying him in the role. I wish they would have left Kidman's hair red for the role instead of the bleach blonde. I think in the book Mrs. Coulter was brunette. So just like in The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe, they are taking a brunette and making her blonde to give the "Ice Queen" effect. Or maybe I just need to get a life!

5.30.07, 12:00 PM
I've read a lot of complaints about the Kidman casting. I'll never understand why someone with such a gorgeous natural color would do what she's done to her hair anyhow (beside the point, I know, but it just boggles). Also read that Daniel Craig is a big fan of the books and asked to be considered for the role, so that's kind of neat.

5.30.07, 11:30 PM
I think ... from the brief trailer I saw ... that Kidman will be good. I just think she should have been a brunette. And you're right ... her hair is such beautiful shade to begin with - why mess with it?