View Full Version : Friday 1-25-08

1.25.08, 8:05 AM
Good morning! Well up early and the wind is howling! But says it's suppose to be warmer! Well I'd rather have it colder if that silly wind is going to blow! Any ways I work both jobs today so not much time for me today! Hope all of you have a good Friday!:)

1.25.08, 10:05 AM
Don't work too hard Julie. Kinda hard to do..when there's two jobs right? LOL I leave soon for work. Knee is doing so so...this morning. In laws left this morning too!! Hope everyone has a good day.

1.26.08, 8:00 AM
Thanks Dragsy work hasn't been to bad at either job well not yet any ways. Blockbuster was busy last night though with a lot to do! Well one more day of both jobs then I get to rest Sunday night from Blockbuster. Hope your enjoying your job and things are going well! Take care!:)