View Full Version : Lynda Hirsch Spoilers for Week of 1/28

1.24.08, 2:53 PM
Lynda Hirsch Spoilers for week of 1/28

PASSIONS: Pilar reminds Juanita of her promise to let Theresa go in exchange for her, but Juanita reneges on the deal she is going to kill Theresa right now. Pretty continues her plot to destroy Luis and Fancy. Plans for the double wedding continue, but Noah, Paloma, Kay and Miguel find that getting four people to agree on anything is a challenge. Luis tries to get to the bottom of Fancy's strange behavior and all the other odd occurrences Harmony is increasingly plagued with. Pretty toys with Fancy's mind-control implant, making her seduce Noah, ruining any chance she has of being with Luis. As Ethan finalizes the adoption papers to make Esme Viki's legal guardian, Esme begins to take a liking to him. Fearing Esme will abandon her, Viki decides it's time for Ethan to go away for good.

SNEAK PEEK: Ethan comes to the rescue.