View Full Version : Card Up Card Down

1.23.08, 7:58 PM
If you were one of the Theta girls, would you put the card up or down?

1.24.08, 10:58 AM
I picked card up ( I think "up" means "fess up"). There is no way I would trust that one of the girls wouldn't have a melt down and confess to someone anyway. Also, it would give that person or persons a chance to tell their version of what happened. That alone could prove dangerous. So, if they all went and told what happened, together, no one can lie and say something different from what actually took place to save their own arse.

1.24.08, 11:57 AM
I wouldn't say a word. He was a horrible monster and I agree with the girls who were raped. He will be painted as the victim and that's wrong

1.24.08, 1:42 PM
Geez, it's a catch-22 isn't it?

1.24.08, 2:04 PM
One way or another the truth will come out. Chelsea wasn't given a choice the night Ford died. She was drugged and in no shape to make that type of decision. I wish Nick would just rat them out. If Chelsea or Stephanie spill the beans they will narc off Nick as knowing and make him an accessory. I just hate to see Nick have another career ruined by Chelsea.

1.24.08, 2:24 PM
Good point Sarah.

1.24.08, 6:36 PM
I ( I think "up" means "fess up").

Yeah. I just took for granted that everybody watch that episode.

I think I woulda gone to the police right off the bat.