View Full Version : is this gossip? Elizabeth Hasselbeck is a stupid robot cow

Sara Marie
5.25.07, 5:35 PM
Little dummy Elizabeth Hasselbeck has killed her last claim to fame.

Well they might still hire her at Fox news. Probably as an investigative reporter.

But in the real world the stupid robot cow has probably caused the final demise of "The View" and, with it, her last real claim to fame.

After all, there are plenty of bleached twits married to sexy quarterbacks. What's to set her apart now?

Oh; I know. It's that she's so much of a rovian robot that she was completely unable to see that Rosie O'Donnel was keeping the blond twit's career alive.

Gossip! This is about gossip.

Elizabeth Hasselbeck was seen with Karl Rove who was replacing a battery in her head!

5.25.07, 10:29 PM
EH is a twit. She was so out of line. Cant wait to see the View tank. I am just sorry Joy is gonna go down with the ship!!!!!!!!!

5.26.07, 4:34 AM
Harsh...lol. I do think that EH has her own agenda, devoted to the present administration...but also she's been the daytime darling of the FOX network. Appearing on Hannity (Colmes? who's he? Oh, that sidekick of Sean's, I guess...on the Fair and Balanced cable network...LOL).

Also she had a gig on FOX and Friends. I would not say she's stupid though. Perhaps it's future thinking for her after her time at The View is over in time to come and FOX will give her own show. I doubt though that masses of people, conservative or otherwise would be tuning in the Elizabeth Hasselbeck hour...she's not that interesting or innovative in thought

5.26.07, 8:23 AM
Maybe they would tune in for the EH Minute (I can't spell ... 60 seconds) ... don't know if she can make a full-time salary off that, thought.

5.26.07, 8:48 AM
Hooo boy I wish I saw this episode of the view. I just read about it last night (a story about Rosie quitting even earlier than expected because of this and other things). Now I'm off to find a transcript. :)

5.26.07, 7:31 PM
I saw a clip of that and felt sure that Hasselbeck was gonna start sobbing and run off to find her momma.

10.28.07, 6:22 PM
Me thinking liberals on this board