View Full Version : Belle & Shawn leaving Days?????

1.22.08, 3:04 PM
According to Soap Opera Digest...

Shakeup At DAYS!

Yes, it's true: Martha Madison (http://www.soapoperadigest.com/actors/marthamadison/) (Belle, DAYS) and Brandon Beemer (http://www.soapoperadigest.com/actors/brandonbeemer/) (Shawn) have been taken off contract at DAYS OF OUR LIVES. "It just came out of left field," Madison tells Digest. "We had just really opened a Pandora's box of story possibilities, so I was really excited. This was absolutely the last thing I ever expected, but it is a business. This is what happens sometimes." The actress is already looking to the future. "I want to spend my career in daytime," she says. "I made that vow to myself a long time ago. Whether that means coming back to DAYS or going somewhere else, I am open to it all." As for the viewer outcry that has already hit the 'Net, Madison says, "The fan response has been nothing short of overwhelming. I looked at my Web site this morning and I have over a thousand new members since yesterday. Things like that make me feel so happy and hopeful." For more of Madison's take on the turn of events, see a future issue of Digest.