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1.21.08, 12:26 PM
Far and away Cloverfield was my favorite! Loved how real it felt. it's all done in hand held camera angles, and some people say it makes you queasy but I didn't get that at all. I thought it was creepy fun!!

27 Dresses was cute. James Marsden is gorgeous and adorable in it. he's the whole show, imo.

Juno was cute, not as great as I expected, but there has been so much hype.

Anyone else see these movies?

1.21.08, 1:45 PM
I haven't seen Cloverfield or 27 dresses. I am surprised that Cloverfield has gotten the reaction it has ( pretty good reviews so far). From the look of it, I thought this may be like the "Blair Witch Project" on steroids, but from the reviews, it's actually worth watching they say.

I would like to see 27 dresses but will wait until it comes to DVD.

However, I did see Juno. I agree with you, it was cute, quirky and funny even, but with all of the hype surrounding it, I expected more. Overall, Juno was good...just not great..to ME. :)

1.21.08, 8:01 PM
I've seen Juno. I thought it was good, but not great. Actually, I hated the first 20 minutes or so...I can see how the dialogue looked cute on paper, but it was so unrealistic. Then, I thought it got better. If it wasn't for the performance of Ellen Page (Juno), that movie could have been terrible. Had she tried to go more cutesy, it would have been a disaster. I guess I expected more with all the hype.

I am going to try to see Cloverfield one night this week.

1.22.08, 12:40 AM
Remember when Juno was in the van, she had just left Jennifer and Jason arguing and pulled off to the side of the road, she wrote something on a yellow reciept, I couldn't read it, Jennifer put it in a frame in the baby's room. Can anyone tell me what it said?

1.22.08, 9:09 PM
It said "Vanessa, If you're still in, I'm still in. Juno."

1.22.08, 10:36 PM
Thank you buffalogal.

1.23.08, 12:30 PM
I saw cloverfield and I hated it, If you get sick with someone recording and moving the camera with every movement don't seeit. I got sick. I easily get otiong sickness.

1.23.08, 12:50 PM
I meant motion sickness.

1.23.08, 12:51 PM
I am seeing 27 Dresses with a bunch of my girlfriends this weekend...good chick flick.
I saw Juno and absolutely loved it. I thought it was very well done.
I really want to see Cloverfield and appreciate your comments.
Saw The Bucket List with my parents, it was surprisingly a lot better than I had anticipated. I laughed and cried and walked away pleased with the pick.
I saw The Kite Runner and thought it was very well done. I read the book a long time ago and really enjoyed it. I don't know if you would like this movie if you haven't read the book. Would love to hear other people's opinions, if they have seen it.

1.23.08, 4:54 PM
27 Dresses was very cute. I plan on seeing Cloverfield and Juno this weekend. I may have trouble with Cloverfield because they say it is a rollercoaster feeling

1.28.08, 5:38 AM
Rurrea, reports say a lot of people are running out of the movie because they literally get queasy, nauseated or just plain up chuck because of the shaky camera sequence.

1.29.08, 8:35 AM
I saw 27 Dresses with a bunch of friends this past weekend and we all really enjoyed it! There were so many funny lines and we all left feeling good. Love this type of movie:)

1.29.08, 9:03 PM
I get really bad motion sickness, but for some reason it didn't affect me. I've heard of a lot of people saying that, tho.

2.9.08, 6:19 PM
LOVED LOVED "27 Dresses"! I am such a fan of Katherine Heigl...she can take a 'cutesy" role and make it really interesting, so that I really FELT for her character. I liked James Marsden better in this movie than he was in "Enchanted". I loved the story, thought it had a nice point to it, the background of NYC was lovely...I just enjoyed everything about it. There are so few movies I enjoy anymore...I like light romance, funny, enjoyable movies...as I get older, I really have NO interest in violence, things blowing up, murder, drugs, etc. I'm sure there are "important movies" being made, but I have no interest in them at my age.

2.10.08, 5:42 PM
I agree. I love a light-hearted movie that when I leave the theater makes me feel good! I love a truly well done drama as well. NO VIOLENCE for me:)