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1.18.08, 10:42 PM
Just a reminder that in laws are here..they got here about 3 PM..and Terry and I had planned this casino trip for a while..so now in laws are going too!! We leave tomorrow..staying two nights..will be back Monday.My knee is still sore..but I'm getting cabin fever!!! LOL Got to get out of this house. I am not bowling Tuesday though..not taking any chances..cause this is what got me in this perdiciment (injured knee) to begin with! So laying off a week. The real test is Wed..when I go back to work..yikes. I bought an ace bandage today...gonna wrap it this weekend. And taking my aleve.
Oh..and my uncle..my mom's brother that had the quadruple bypass and staying with my mom...since April, is finally going home tomorrow to Oklahoma. His granddaughter flew in yesterday..from Dallas, and driving him back to Oklahoma. His car is here. Then when he's all settled in ..etc..she will fly back to Dallas from there. She's a flight attendant..so she can fly for free on available seats. He has to come back in April for dr. appts and all and Tahlia said she'd do the same thing to help out. She's such a sweetie and a wonderful granddaughter! Uncle Kirby is doing ok..still not like he use to be...not as strong...but he's wanting to go back to his house, get his taxes done, and just be "home" for a while.
Well...gonna go for now. Hope everyone has a great weekend!! See you on Monday!

1.19.08, 7:34 PM
Dragsy have fun! I know your probably already gone and won't see this tell you get back. Glad your in-laws made it OK. I'm sure you will have a good time. Take care!:)

1.21.08, 10:50 PM
We had a good time on our casino trip. Got back about 2:30 today..no richer though..have to keep our jobs..ha ha. I made a boo boo about my cousin Tahlia, Uncle Kirby's granddaughter. She lives in Houston, not Dallas. Uncle Kirby called tonight. He's all settled in back in Oklahoma. His granddaughter Tahlia had to leave Sunday though..but his step daughter Liz is keeping an eye on him, and arranged for home health care to come three times a week. He met with them today to do the necessary paperwork, etc. My knee is still tender...better, but I'm not taking any chances on bowling tomorrow. Gonna lay off at least one week.

1.22.08, 3:10 PM
Dragsy glad you had fun! Would have been nice I'm sure if you would have won the jackpot! LOL But guess you will just have to keep on working huh? Well hope your having a nice relaxing day! I'm sure it's good to be back home even though the in-laws are still there. Take care!:winkq: