View Full Version : Deliciously twisted...

1.18.08, 3:00 PM
Ever since John has stepped back into Salem and on my screen, I have enjoyed DAYS immensely!! John (Drake) cracks me up. The exchanges between Marlena and him are priceless. Funny too.

Also, does everyone seem a tad bit smarter? It seems things are moving along a lot faster. Normally, storylines drag on forever. This C.B. Dimera thing has me more than intrigued.

The scenes between Belle and John were warm, fuzzy, yet funny, to ME. John's expressions, trying to smile for Belle and repeatedly calling her "Tink" in an attempt to sound like his old self were hilarious to me. I just loved it.

E.J. bolting off the pier from Stefano's driver also had me in stitches..lol

I'm so happy Johns back, yet not back...If you know what I mean. :)

1.19.08, 10:03 AM
IMO, I want this John to stay forever.
He's much more interesting.