View Full Version : My dr. appt..Jan 17

1.17.08, 9:29 PM
Ok..this is what the dr. said was wrong. I have a torn meniscus (you can google it..interesting and shows pics). It's basically torn cartilage...no big problem that he sees, the xrays otherwise looked good and the tear didn't look bad. Just take aleve and after the inflammation is all down, he wants me to go to physical therapy on Jan 28, and I can determine from there if I want to go back more than once, or have them show me home exercises I can do. If I continue to have problems..then let him know. Otherwise I don't see the dr. again for 6 weeks. I am taking one more day off work..as I have sick days accumlated anyway..and get paid for it, and my knee is still tender and hurting..and I know standing at Walmart, I'm not ready for that yet! I have Saturday off this week anyway, as I put in for a personal day a long while back, and then I have Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays off anyway..so I'll go back Wednesday. That will give me a full week off my feet from Wal-Mart.

1.17.08, 11:06 PM
Dragy, sorry to hear about your knee. Hope you're feeling better by the time you go back to work. Just rest up while you can.

1.18.08, 8:13 AM
Dragsy glad you found out what it was. Yes stay off of it. Not worth being on it really. Keep putting ice on it too that will keep the swelling down. I do hope it's better by the time the in-laws get there and you go on your trip. But if not just take it easy. Take care!:blush2ey:

1.18.08, 10:43 AM
Thanks Julie and CJ...still hurting this morning. But trying to stay off it as much as I can. I'm using ice, and taking aleve.

1.19.08, 6:36 PM
Well hope the knee is doing better. Glad your staying off it and taking Aleve I'm sure that is helping some too. Take care!:blush2ey: