View Full Version : Thursday 1-17-08

1.17.08, 8:04 AM
Well up early again and listening to the wind howl as I drink my morning Coffee. I got a good nights sleep which helps but worked my BB job last night after working at the hospital. So up and wishing I could have slept in. But I came home about 9PM so was an early night for me. What I'm not looking forward to is Friday and Saturday nights cause those nights I work tell close. Oh well I will just have to grin and bear it right? Well hope everyone has a good day! Dragsy how is your knee feeling today? Did you see the Dr.? Take care!:blush2ey:

1.17.08, 10:18 AM
Hello and good morning everyone. I see the dr. today at 2:30. My knee is not as swollen. I'm able to bend it some..buts still hurts..especially getting up and down out of chairs or off the toilet..yikes. I can maneuvar a bit better since the knee isn't as swollen though. I see the dr. today at 2:30. Heard from a friend that use to work with me yesterday. Her mother in law passed away, and funeral is tomorrow. Not sure I can make it..with me hobbling around, which she understands. I might see about going to the funeral home tonight..just to pay my respects..but not stay long. Not sure yet. Julie...I don't think I could stand all that wind you get..brrrr. We had drizzling rain all day yesterday..and looks like it's gonna rain some today too. Hope everyone has a good day.

1.18.08, 8:15 AM
Well just stay off that knee OK? I will be praying for your friends funeral. I'm sorry to hear of her loss. Hope she can recover. Take care.:winkq: