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1.16.08, 9:07 AM
Good morning! Well up at my early hour once again trying to wake up to get motivated to go to work. It has been a lovely two days off for me except I did work some Monday night at Blockbuster. Well I found out I get money back this year which is good news cause I have to pay off a lot of bills this year! Any ways we got about an inch of snow yesterday and it's very cold out too. Probably enough to warrant wearing something warm to get to work in. Well hope everyone has a good day today. I work at Blockbuster from 5 to 9 tonight too so busy day!:blush2ey:

1.16.08, 11:02 PM
Hi Julie,
Do you like working at BB? Sounds like it might be kind of fun.

We're getting a little snow right now. Suppose to change to sleet and raining later. But its nice to see some snow. We're way overdue for some snow. Hadn't had enough to amount to much in the last few years. I'm like a kid going to the door and looking out.
I just don't like the ice, its dangerous.

Take care, and be careful on the roads.

1.17.08, 12:06 AM
Hi..just getting around to posting. I hurt my knee last night bowling. I just turned funny..and it I hurt it. I was walking so so last night..though it hurt, but woke up with it really throbbing. I can bend it and put pressure down on the foot. So I'm limping around..with that leg stiff. The hard part is trying to get out of a chair. I had to call into work. Won't be there tomorrow either, and probably not Friday either. My knee is swollen. Been putting ice on it today and taking pain relievers..which doesn't seem to be helping much.

1.17.08, 9:02 AM
CJ I do like working at blockbuster it's a very fun job!:)

Dragsy I'm so sorry to hear about your knee! Hope you get in to see the Dr. about it sounds like you might have pulled a ligament and or muscle around there some how! I'm sure they will probably x-ray it and stuff. Or some times if it's real bad they will put a shot of cordisone in there. Hope all is well! Take care and your in my prayers!:lookaway:

1.17.08, 11:14 AM
Thanks Julie. If corizone would help..I'm all for it. But I hear sometimes cortizone makes your blood sugar shoot up sky high...and doctors are hesitant on using it. But that's just hear say from someone..so we will see.

1.18.08, 9:17 AM
Well I'm sure you will be fine. And just stay off it. Yea we don't want your blood sugar to go up for sure! Take care!:)