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1.15.08, 9:01 AM
Morning ladies. Just got back in from walking Cami, YIKES is it ever cold. 27* but that wind really has a bite to it! My lips have been so darn chapped from walking her this winter. I can't seem to get them healed! Spring hurry up!
Only a few more weeks and we can see what puxatauny Phil has to say about winter! Actaully I think it has gone by quickly this year, not sure why but I am looking forward to sign of spring. Of course that means more work...LOL
Landscaping is the main priority this year. More painting tonight. Hope to get the walls done. The primer went on smoothly, because it was only a 1 hour dry we were able to get on 2 coats. The primer had a really strong odor so I went to bed with a slight headache. Feeling ok but noticed little spots of primer all over myself..I forgot to wash up! GEEZ
Well my day is calling so I had better hop to it.
I hope you all had a good day yesterday.
TTFN my friends!:D

1.15.08, 12:04 PM
Wanna come paint for me? I hate painting....but like the end results. I'm just very messy!!! LOL
I've got to take the car in for an oil change today..then bowling tonight, that's about it for me. Oh..and American Idol comes on tonight...so have to tape it, since we bowl. I love that show...you are all gonna get tired of hearing from me..lol.

1.15.08, 12:20 PM
Good morning racemom! I'm sure your already busy with your kids etc. sounds like you've had a busy winter. I like you am looking forward to spring! I am hating this winter cause of the snow and the mighty wind! Seems like it has blown more hard this winter then last also the snow has been more. I know we need the moisture but it has caused problems for many folks here where we live. Any ways hope all goes well with your room your completing and that you get the chapped lips under control too!:winkq:

Dragsy I do hope your day goes smoothly and you get to relax some. I'm with you I love American Idol but I don't know how much I'll be able to see with working evenings and all. Cause I never know when I'm working. But lately they have cut back my hours so I need to get firm with them and say I need more hours! Cause that is why I got a second job in the first place. Well take care and hope all goes well with your car and bowling tonight!:)

Not planned much for me today just getting a first pay check if I get one today and then going to get my taxes done this afternoon. Since this is my last day off going to enjoy it as much as possible. Well hope everyone has a great day!:)

1.15.08, 4:27 PM
Well..got the oil changed..need a new air filter too, plus pvc valve and fuel filter. Costs more than I planned..but starting off with a clean slate..should be good to go for a while now. Next time should just be basic oil change. Gonna go down to my mom's in a little while..if she calls me back. Her answering machine picked up and both my mom's and uncle's car are there. They might be napping.

1.15.08, 11:50 PM
Well glad you got your car fixed etc. Dragsy. I went to get my taxes done and yes I get money back! So I'm excited. Hope your bowling goes well tonight! Take care!:blush2ey: