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1.14.08, 1:06 PM
I tried to post earlier this am...but I was in such a hurry I must have deleted them...UGH
All is well here...well only me! everyone else is sick! I am getting out a MASK!
Busy busy busy...I am too busy to get sick! LOL
Have a fun weekend...didn't accomplish much. Pat had a nice bday went out for mexican..YUM
Today is laundry, almost done just drying the last load. Thomas has another game tonight..not sure I will be able to make it...depends on the timing at the end of the day.
Off I go ...................
Have a super day!:)

1.14.08, 7:27 PM
Hey there..oh I hate when I delete what I typed and it's happened more than once..lol. Hope you stay well Sheri. Glad Pat had a good birthday! Busy as always I see!!

1.14.08, 7:47 PM
Hi there, been a long day for some reason...might be that Flo is bugging me! Grrrr
Put a ham in for supper the house smells just wonderful!
Gotta run

1.15.08, 12:23 PM
Well sorry to hear everyone has been sick racemom hope they don't give it to you. Yes a mask might be a good idea. How did your ham turn out? Hopefully good. Well I know your real busy so take care!:)