View Full Version : Monday..Jan 14

1.14.08, 8:44 AM
Good morning all...or is it a good morning? I'm not quite awake yet...and I love my grandkids but...I don't know how I did it years ago with my own. Much younger back then I guess..ha ha. I usually help out on Mondays getting the boys on the bus, since Jill has to be there a bit earlier to work on Mondays. They are so wound up and loud!! And I'm still sipping my first cup of coffee, trying to wake up! Jill drops them off here. I got them on the bus...whew!! Peace and quiet again!! I just love quiet mornings! LOL
I have some running to do today...pay a bill, go to the bank, and get my hair cut. I might treat myself to some Chinese food for lunch. Julie, got me craving it. (shame on you for mentioning you got Chinese food yesterday!)..LOL
Terry needs his oil changed in his car, but gonna do that tomorrow.

1.14.08, 10:47 AM
Good morning Dragsy! Your probably already out running your errands etc. cause I didn't see you online. Yep it's hard when your older to take care of squirmy kids isn't it? LOL Glad you endured and they got on the bus OK etc. Hope all your errands go well I have a few today too before I go to work. I need to get out and do a few things as well. Take care! :blush2ey:

Well slept in this morning and felt good except my cat kept trying to wake me up! Grrr! Any ways I have to go to blockbuster tonight so need to get motivated and get things done before then and I might go get my hair cut today or tomorrow. Well Take care all!:)

1.14.08, 6:25 PM
Oh yeah..forgot you go to work this evening. Good chatting with you on msn today. So you took John to put in applications too? Let me know how that goes. I did get my errands done..and got my hair trimmed too.

1.15.08, 11:25 AM
Well I'm glad you got your hair trimmed etc. glad you got it all done. I forgot I might get my hair cut today depending on how much my pay check is and if I get one. LOL But we shall see. It might not be much too and I've already spent way to much money this week! So might have to wait! Well take care and hope your Tuesday goes well. I'm going to try and stay out of the wind it's nasty out there again today grrr!:evilgrinu: