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1.12.08, 9:20 AM
Heading out here in a bit. We are traveling to watch Thomas' basketball game in a town 1.5 hours away. It should be a hoot! Worked on the workout room only for a little bit last night. never got as far as we wanted. Pat and I weren't feeling that hot. I spent the entire week with sick daycare kids...strep troat,bad colds, upset tummies, puke and snotting noses...enough to go thru 2 boxes of tissues this week! So not that we had a full weekend of stuff to do I hope we are not coming down with it too. Sorta feeling achy and like I have no power at all...ugh!
Kelsey works all weekend too. She goes back to college on the 17th. SUnday is Pats birthday so we will do something nice for him. I didn't get anything bought so I will have to find time to do that as well. I think we want to take him out for a nice steak and maybe a movie.
Well I think we are leaving now...You all have a great weekend!
HUGS to all:D

1.12.08, 9:39 AM
Well...first off...HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAT!! Patrick ..our baby, turned 27 this past Sunday, Jan 6. Enjoy your day Sheri..with the basketball game and all. So you've been tending to sick kids huh? Well...I've had the "crud" too. Thought I was getting over it..and I do feel better..but started up again this morning with sinus drainage and my ear feels like it has fluid it it...it sort of crackles with I rub behind the ear lobe. I'm taking antibiotics. We shall see if it clears up or not. A lot have been out sick at work..we are just passing it around. I was off work two days last week! Well..I have to go to work..so better get off my butt and get ready!! Have a good day everyone..and happy birthday to Pat!

1.14.08, 10:52 AM
Racemom sorry you've been sick etc. and stuff. Hope the basketball game for your son went well though. Sounds like that time of year with colds etc. I've been fighting sinuses too but not that bad thank goodness. Well hope your excersise room is going well etc. Hang in there!:)

Dragsy I know you worked and it went well. I'm play catch up in here today LOL work went well both at my first and second job etc. Hope all had a good weekend.:winkq: