View Full Version : C.B. DiMera & the Kidnappings....

1.9.08, 2:24 PM
Well obviously I assume C.B. DiMera is Colleen Brady DiMera. Belle & Claire will be kidnapped and I also think the person Crystal is working for is C.B. I wonder if Brady being missing is all apart of this storyline as well.

Boy it is good to see Drake again. Even if it means he's back in this overbeaten storyline of being an amnesiac. Steve will probably be the one to discover John is alive and the montage of flashbacks from 20 years ago will flow across our screens. ( I wouldn't mind that)

I think C.B. DiMera is putting all of her pieces in a safe place so that when she finally emerges, she lays an ass whooping on Stefano he will never recover from.

One could only dream. :)

1.9.08, 8:09 PM
So when CB DiMera comes on the scene, are they going to age Sami? I mean Ali? I wonder if that means there will be less of Sami on the screen.

1.10.08, 9:52 AM
I'm assuming that Shirley Jones is the one who will be playing Colleen Brady. Althought they'll have to age her too. She's not 80! I love, love, love having John back. It just brings a smile to my face to see him on camera again.

1.10.08, 6:15 PM
I think Shirley is gonna be Colleen too..as far as the age thing, like one member of the board said, the way Days ages people, we don't know how old Colleen is. I remember back in the day that I couldn't figure out if Austin was older than Billie or Billie older than Austin...I swear I think Days kept changing that around back then.

1.11.08, 2:12 AM
Shirley Jones, ay? Of Partridge Family fame? That's interesting.