View Full Version : Good morning ladies!!! Wed. Jan 9

1.9.08, 10:26 AM
I don't go to work till later today so have a little time on here this morning. I hope everyone has a good Wednesday.

1.9.08, 11:34 AM
Good morning Dragsy was nice chatting with you this morning. I know you go in later and get off later so hang in there! I do hope Wally world will slow down you and that it goes by quickly!:blush2ey:

Well I'm completley off from both jobs today so can't procrastinate I need to get some things done around here today. So going to get my tree down today and clean my apartment. Then go get a few things from the store and also take back some movies too. Hope all of you have a terrific day. It's cooler here still and we might get a few snow showers. Oh well it's winter right? LOL:winkq:

1.9.08, 11:54 PM
Hey ..good chatting this evening!! You were a busy lady around your place today!! My day went ok...but I am tired. heading to bed now.

1.10.08, 8:05 AM
Well I know you had a terrible time bowling. Sorry to hear that hope it does get better! Have a good day and hope work goes better!:blush2ey: