View Full Version : Tuesday, Jan 8

1.8.08, 10:01 AM
Elvis's birthday today...forgot about that till I saw it on the news this morning. It looks like rain here...and still warm for now. I'm still blowing my nose..didn't realize one person could have so much snot..lol. Now I think Terry is coming down with it..uggh.
Julie, good seeing you post..along with racemom and coffenut!!! Hope all of us can get in here more often..now that the holidays have subsided.
Well...we bowl tonight. We were off two weeks..because the holidays fell on Tuesday this year.
Julie...glad you are liking your new job!! See you all around !!

1.8.08, 12:45 PM
Hey Dragsy sorry I didn't get on to chat this morning! I slept in then talked with my sister who hasn't been able to talk to me forever! So didn't get online! Now I'm getting ready to head out the door! But maybe we can catch on Wednesday when I am completley off. I am all dolled up for my second job! LOL yea I do love it. Well hope you have a good day today take care!:blush2ey:

1.8.08, 11:39 PM
So you are off all day on Wed? Ok..well, I don't go to work till 11:30 tomorrow morning..so maybe I'll see you around in the A.M. Well..our bowling stunk tonight..uggh. LOL But we had fun!

1.9.08, 11:36 AM
Yep I'm off today! Yipee! So glad cause I need to get things done around here! Well take care!:winkq: