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1.8.08, 4:04 AM
Ugh! It already bores the cr#p out of me. I haven't even bothered reading the day-aheads or spoilers. Is this ALL Sheffer has to offer? Marlena and her "mini-me's" acting like complete B!#$@ES, getting away with it and being cheered on for it?

Meanwhile, where the h#ll is Hope's storyline? One where she unapologetically kicks $%%, shows no mercy and doesn't let anyone treat her like garbage. WHERE is her spunk? WHERE is her backbone? WHEN will it be KA's turn to shine? - Other than playing Bo's sidekick, Shawn's meddling mother and Salem's resident mousy doormat.

*Whew!* Now I feel better! LOL

1.8.08, 2:28 PM
?? I like the way they are behaving. They aren't taking any crap. GO Marlena and her mini me's. As far as Hope and a backbone I have yet to see it since the death of Zach and I don't know if we will.

1.9.08, 3:15 PM
Patience my fellow Doolies...patience. I believe as other storylines finish up, maybe, jusy maybe Hope, Anna, Tony and whoever else hasn't been given any frontburner stories or face time, will emerge from the fray.

1.11.08, 12:25 PM
I am loving that Marlena is no longer playing the victim, she has finally stepped up to the plate to show them that she's tired of Stefano, she wants something done & if they can't do it she will certainly do it for them. I say way to go Marlena, rock Stefano's world.

1.19.08, 11:11 AM
I don't think Sami is a Marlena mimi-me, but I do believe that Belle is being groomed to step into Marlena's shoes.
When will we see Hope back to acting like Hope?
I think that'll be soon, she's supposed to rejoin the police force.

1.19.08, 11:38 AM
I think that you are right, Belle will step into Marlena's shoes & fit them very well.