View Full Version : Ghost Hunters International

1.7.08, 6:55 PM
It's the first spin-off from Ghost Hunters. This series has Brian (dude run), Donna, and Andy from the original series. Plus Barry from the episodes where they went to Ireland and England. It premiers this Wednesday (Jan 9th) at 9pm EST. The fist episode they will be at Chillingham Castle in England.
I think other countries are far more open to the paranormal than we are in the US. So these shows should be interesting. Although I don't know how much of Brian, Barry, and Andy I can take. It will be cool to hear the stories and see things that the regular tourist might not ever see.

1.30.08, 12:56 PM
So far there have been 3 or 4 episodes. I'm really not impressed at all. I was hoping the team would be far better than they are. Donna still screams a lot, and now she has another female to scream and jump with. Of course she's also still 'feeling things' constantly. Robb, the new leader, is really stiff and rather annoying. They put Andy in the co-leader spot, and he's still annoying as hell. Barry is also annoying, but he's not running away as much as he did before. And Brian is still claiming to see shadows. It's like this is turned into the 'Most Haunted' version of Ghost Hunters. So far I've found quite a few pieces of 'evidence' to be very questionable. And they have done some really stupid things, like randomly ran through an empty castle in the dark and just taking random pics. They thought they could confuse the ghosts. It was completly stupid. They could have easily fallen and gotten hurt, and the pics would all be full of dust becuase the castle had dirt floors.