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1.7.08, 9:07 AM
Hi everyone. Hoping everyone will show back up in here..miss you all!! I know it's a busy time for all. I've been sick with a darn cold...and sinus infection. I ended up leaving work early on Thursday..only worked 2 hours and called in on Friday. I worked Saturday and doing alright..but yesterday had a bad day. I felt rotten. I'm still blowing my nose this morning..just hoping it's about over. I'm taking meds and stuff. I was off yesterday..off today and tomorrow...my days off. Wheeee!

1.7.08, 12:25 PM
good Morning to you as well.
Glad you are feeling better!
My weekend was full. The sleep over went well, I am sure not used to being woke all hours of the night by litte ones. The younger sublings of Emma were up several times...Nothing like waking up to screaming kids..I about had a heart attack the first time...DOn't miss those days at all!
Went home after we made then all pancakes, got home about 10:00. Then we did a few things around the house and went to a basketball game that night. SUnday was church and then errands and house stuff. We watched a movie pretty late so we got to bed later than we should have. Things in the work out room are going well. We have the second coat of mud on things. So more wet sanding tonight and then we start to tape and plastic everything off so we can texture the walls. I don't believe we will texture to the end of the week for sure...maybe even on sunday?? Who knows...what the week will bring.
Thomas finally went back to school today. Kelsey goes back on the 17th!
Well I am needed so I had better run!
HUGS to all
Hang in there Julie, You will get used to the business ot your life...:p

1.7.08, 1:05 PM
Hi Dragonmom and racemom,
I hope your cold goes away soon dragonmom.Try some good old homemade chicken soup it really works wonders for a cold.
Racemom your workout room sounds great.Can I come work out? lol
I had a nice weekend.My youngest spend friday night at my daughters apartment and they went horse back riding together on saturday. hubby was napping,he has a cold too that won't go away.And I was baking cake ,cleaning and doing laundry. Saturday night we all went out for dinner and had a nice time.
Christopher was over yesterday so he got all my time and attention. And he wanted pizza for dinner of course. Anytime you ask him what he wants to eat it's either pizza or banana pudding.Lol
I hope you all have a great day!

1.7.08, 4:03 PM
Hello again. Well..I'm feeling run down. Seems that I can't keep going for a full day without being so tired. It's this stupid cold hanging on..uggh. Sheri..you had one busy weekend, and don't know how you did it all night with little ones! Good luck in the work out room..busy busy. Austin and Davy tell me that they are switching bedrooms. I had repainted Austin's bedroom last Spring..I think it was, and put a deer border up..with the woods, etc. Well...Davy wants that in his room now..and Austin wanted something different like race cars or something...with blue walls. So both decided it would be easier just to switch rooms..ha ha. Jill and the boys got busy this weekend cleaning up and throwing out broken toys and stuff. I don't think they've switched rooms yet, but soon. Then I'll help Jill tackle painting Davy's old room..soon to be Austin's room a lighter blue than what it is now. We never got to that bedroom because the paint job was good..only it's a bit dark in there. Austin is settling for a smaller room..but that's what they want. Who knows when they might change their minds again..ha ha. Claudia, so your hubby is sick too? It's going around so bad here, and I just can't seem to knock this stuff. Sounds like your two kids had a good time together over the weekend..and Christopher getting quality time with his grandma too!! I know you enjoy that.

1.7.08, 10:51 PM
Well sounds like everyone is really busy as me! LOL glad to see racemom and coffenut are finally finding time to post. I've been out of action now that I'm working two jobs as you know but off tonight so playing catch up and off from my day job tomorrow but have to work the new one at blockbuster. Any ways racemom sounds like your busy as usual doing almost everything under the sun! Good for you!

Coffenut glad your finding time to post with all your doing too and sorry your hubby is sick etc. but sounds like your staying very busy too.

Dragsy I'm sure your going to hang on to this cold I've noticed at the hospital the colds are hanging on longer for some reason but don't know why. Any ways hang in there ok? Enjoy your last day off and bowling tomorrow. Well I'm heading off to watch my movie I got for free soon! Take care all!:blush2ey: