View Full Version : The Raven: A Passions Parody (short)

1.6.08, 6:46 PM
It was a dark, stormy night. I sat at my desk, my computer
screen being the only source of light besides a television in
the corner, which was turned down low, however my thoughts
had began to tune it out as I struggled to get them onto the
screen. The script was due, filming would be behind...I had
to get this thing done before I began to go out of my mind.

Ethan looked at Theresa. "What's the big secret?" He asked.
"It's not what you think..." Theresa said.
"I know what's really going on here," Ethan piped up, resulting in a distressed look from Theresa. I tapped my finger impatie
ntly on the desk, my mind drawing a blank.

"I know what's really going on here...." I muttered, trying to
think of his profoundly stupid conclusions. Then I heard a t-
ap tap tapping...a rap rap rapping above my study door. I saw
a startling sight, a raven, perched above my study door.

"I know what's really going on here!" The raven said.

"And this makes Ethan looks like he has a brain..." I said sar-
castically. Qouth the raven...

"Nevermore." ;)

4.13.08, 12:48 AM
Amusing since all too often it seems like Little Ethan is the only one with a working brain in Harmony.