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1.4.08, 11:27 AM
According to SOD (Soap Opera Digest)::
As Digest reports exclusively in the 1/15 issue, PARTRIDGE FAMILY mom Shirley Jones (also known for her musical talent in movies such as Oklahoma! and The Music Man) has been added to the cast of DAYS OF OUR LIVES in a yet unnamed role.

Could she be Colleen? Or Daphne DiMera? hmm...

1.4.08, 11:46 AM
She's way too young to be Colleen. How old is Colleen supposed to be anyway? I mean Stefano is no spring chicken and she was at least 10-12 years older than him in that storyline. He was about 9 and she was about 19. I don't think Shirley Jones wants to play some 80 something year old woman. LOL! Maybe they'll SORAS Belle again and she'll be the new Belle.

1.4.08, 3:25 PM
I thought Colleen was 18-19 at the time of her death. She was around 8-9 years older than Shawn. I thought.

1.4.08, 8:26 PM
And this is the soap world so age of the actors has no bearing on the characters.

1.5.08, 10:11 AM
I am betting she is Colleen..Shirley Jones is about to turn 74 in real life.It should be interesting,,if the story is written properly

Just Samantha
1.19.08, 9:22 PM
Makes me want to dust off the old VCR to see Shirley Jones on Days instead of just reading the Day Ahead site!