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1.4.08, 10:44 AM
Well...how's everyone doing? Julie hasn't had time to post much..and now more than ever less time. I told her I'd post this and later she can give us more details. She's gotten a second job, working at Block Buster at night. She won't have as much time on here..till her days off..etc. She won't get much sleep either...bless her heart, but she needs the extra money right now. She's all excited. She starts her new job tonight!!!She has her day job at the hospital..and now this one too. So everyone say a prayer for her...she's gonna need all the energy she can get. But she's thankful for the extra income.
As for me..well, I called in sick today. I went home early yesterday too. Got this darn cold...can't kick it. I tried getting up and getting ready for work. Terry could tell how bad I felt..so told me to call in. I went back to bed, and just got up a little while ago. I'm debating on whether to see the ENT dr..but I really don't feel like getting ready to go. I'd rather lie around. I'm hoping he'd just call something in..as I know I probably have a sinus infection starting. I'll let you all know later. Hope everyone has a good day.

1.4.08, 4:54 PM
Well hello!
Julie that is wonderful news..a 2nd job to fill your night...Well as much as you love to watch movies working at blockbuster will be perfect!
Sorry you are still feeling yucky again today. Hope the weekend will bring you better health!
Today I passed the first part of my inspection for my lisence. It wasn't difficult, only had to make sure everything was up to snuff?
Next will be the fire marshall, not sure of anything else?
Going to the neighbors tonight, actually staying the night. Emma is having her first sleep over in conjustion with her 5th birthday party and she invited me to sleep over...isan't that just too cute! So I will go and help Becki out with everything and after the kiddos go to bed we will pop in a movie and have a little wine.
Cya later....:)

1.4.08, 5:31 PM
Hey Sheri...enjoy your evening..helping mommy with Emma's sleepover!! I have rested most of the day...and taking benadryl. The dr. did call me in an antibiotic,which Jill is picking up after work. Terry told me if I feel this way tomorrow to stay home again. I'll see how it goes. I can't wait to hear how Julie's first night at Block Buster went..but who knows when she'll find the time. Perhaps in the morning before her hospital job.

1.5.08, 8:22 AM
Well I'm on here but not for very long! Urrgh what a long night! Am I crazy? LOL Any ways I spent most of the evening doing paper work training on the computer! I would read a segment to teach then fill out the paper work as I was reading. Long process! Still have more to learn tonight! Who would have thought there was so much to renting video's? But there is oh my gosh it's good training though! Any ways I work less tonight I think 4-9 so might get more time to post but we will see dishes are needing to be done and I need to run to the store too! Also get my sleep! :winkq:

Dragsy sorry your so sick! Girl go with your hubby and stay home. It's not worth it if you get run down. At this job if I get real sick I can call in thank goodness. Oh one more little note no bathroom! Yikes! I have to run some place else right now to pee! LOL Toilet is out! Hope they get it fixed soon and only little time to eat too! Should get that weight off fast! LOL:blush2ey:

racemom so glad you got a fun evening in! Wish I could! Thanks for the well wishes! I will try and post more tonight! Take care!:)

1.5.08, 9:06 AM
Julie...I'm going to work this morning. My head is not as congested. I'm blowing my nose..but oh, I can feel the difference. The pressure isn't there like it was. I'll continue to take my meds though. Julie..glad tonight won't be as long of a night. Good luck with all the training. P.S. I guess we should have posted this in a Jan 5 thread..but oh well, you'll see it.

1.6.08, 12:28 AM
Dragsy glad your feeling better and made it through work! Girl I had the day from heck literally at my first job! Oh my! We started out with lovely warm weather right? Things melting etc. Well that didn't last long it started to ice snow! Never seen anything like it here to my knowledge! Any ways the power went out about 11:25 AM this morning just as I was finishing up with ER and that took me that long to do! Was a mess! Well the day got worse not being able to clean in the dark and then the power finally came back on about 2:30 so naturally I was expected to clean up the rest of my floor. So got out late and was so tired! Well went by blockbuster told them I would be late cause I thought I still had my cousin's dogs to take care of. Well they were all at home! And I had tried to call them earlier too but they said the power was out so they had no phone service. GRRRR Any ways. Wasn't very happy with them they could have called me but they didn't even bother and they knew I worked two jobs. I just handed them the keys and left. Then went picked up some milk and then got home to shower, eat a small bowl of soup and out the door I went again. But the evening went better I did have fun tonight! But was so tired couldn't really enjoy it. GRRR. Any ways the job is fun and a blast I love my new job. I might just keep doing this when I move to Denver it's so much fun cause I can transfer and work down there in another store once I'm trained! Yes! And get assistance even with my college as long as I keep a grade point average. So that will be helpful. So going to love this whole thing. Just pray I can endure both jobs. I'm exhausted. Well going to sign out and glad your doing better! Take care!:blush2ey:

1.6.08, 11:34 PM
Julie,you exhausted me just reading this..ha ha. I'm glad you enjoy the new job though!! I'll have to get busy in here and start posting more. Miss everyone else too. We are all just very busy I know.

1.7.08, 7:43 AM
Yeah I know hahaha! I'm busy and so are you huh? Well guess we will have to try and post just when we can. I should be able to post more tonight as I'm off from Blockbuster! Might even get a free movie since I get some! Take care!:blush2ey: