View Full Version : The results in Iowa

1.4.08, 1:06 AM
I'm very happy to see Barack Obama doing so well and he gave a terrific and emotional speech tonight. I thought Mr. Huckabee's speech was very moving too. They both are appealing to voters who want Change and voters who are tired of the usual 'game" of politics and divisiveness. I think most folks are ready for a new way of doing things in America, not more of the 'same old, same old" and lobbyists and money running the country. Let's hear it for a government BY the people.

1.4.08, 4:20 AM
And Ron Paul got 10%. Not bad for a political outsider. I predict Mr. Paul will do much better in New Hampshire.

1.4.08, 5:48 PM
I was blown away by Obama's speech- he's VERY inspiring.
I'm disappointed that John Edwards didn't do better- my first choice.
As for Huckabee- I have problems with the notion of electing a president who doesn't believe in evolution. That just alarms me...especially considering how our country is falling behind others in so many technological and scientific areas.