View Full Version : Anyone see the Chipmunks movie?

1.3.08, 12:45 PM
My kids want to see this, but I cannot sit through another bad kids movie. Mr. Magorium did me in... I will not go to another kids movie unless it's okay for grown ups too.

1.3.08, 3:02 PM
Theis is one of the best family movies I have ever seen. It is funny all the way through. We have already seen it 3 times and I want to go back.

Hope this helps:)

1.3.08, 8:33 PM
My kids seen it on New Years Day and can't stop raving about it. I want to check it out myself

1.14.08, 12:11 PM
It was okay, not as bad as mr magorium, but i still fell asleep. bored.

1.15.08, 2:50 PM
really, wow. I really did like the movie. What kind of movies are you interested in?

1.15.08, 10:15 PM
I just seen it today and it was adorable.