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1.3.08, 9:49 AM
does anyone know if they re-cast the little girl that plays Claire? On the other coffeerooms board pictures of a day ahead were posted and the little girl didn't look anything like Claire :cool:

1.3.08, 11:23 AM
If they have re-cast I haven't noticed. I just saw the actresses who play Claire at the Christmas gathering. If possible, could you post a photo of who you think is the new Claire??

1.3.08, 11:26 AM
I heard they re-cast her with Dave Foley's little girl. She is also being SORAS'd to 4 years old.

1.3.08, 2:04 PM
Well I'll be darned...they did change her! This will take some getting used to for sure...

1.4.08, 9:33 PM
The little girl they replaced her with sure is a cutie! Can't figure out why they chose to age her though. Normally they wait until their a little older to age them and the aging is a little more dramatic that 1 or 2 years. I doesn't yet seem to be story driven.

1.5.08, 10:08 AM
I am used to the other child..but it won't be long till she is sent to the "attic"like all soap kids do..then she will come down a teen!!lol

1.5.08, 10:42 AM
How old is this new one??? It seems like Belle and Shawn just freaking go out of high school and they have a kid this age already. Bad aging Days

1.5.08, 11:06 PM
The new Claire looks about 4 or 5...next we'll see Sami's twins already walking. LOL!!!