View Full Version : Quick question

1.2.08, 11:22 PM
Is John really coming back? If he is, does anyone know when?

1.3.08, 11:20 AM
From what I've read and seen, yes he is. Unfortunately the line at the store moved quickly and I wasn't able to pin down a return date..lol All kidding aside, I am so HAPPY he is returning!!!!!! He was on the cover of SOD with the caption
"He's Alive" so he better be returning. And I hope they do him justice by creating a storyline worthy of Drake. "John" has so much more to explore about who he is. I cant wait! This time around I hope they tell me if he is Greta's father or not.

1.3.08, 11:27 AM
Please dont' bring back Greta. That was an awful storyline!

1.3.08, 8:38 PM
Yeah Greta was terrible. I am SO GLAD John will be back!!!! I can't wait. Anyone know when?

1.4.08, 11:24 AM
January 8th!!!!!!!!!!! Wooohoooo!!
I just want to know if he's her father, she doesn't have to come back though...lol Heck I'm just Happy John is coming back!

1.4.08, 2:54 PM
YAY Looks like he just walked up on Marlena today