View Full Version : Wednesday 1-2-07

1.2.08, 8:03 AM
Good morning all! Well up early trying to get motivated to get ready for work. Which is hard cause this is my normal day off but I traded with a lady at work so she could have today off. So here I am! Nothing planned after work maybe bug the lady about that job but that is about it! Take care!:winkq:

1.2.08, 1:49 PM
oops! should have been o8 Julie..... LOL
I wonder how many times I will write 07 ????????????

1.2.08, 6:13 PM
Oops I guess I goofed huh? LOL oh well probably won't be the first time! Hahaha!:p

1.2.08, 11:06 PM
Hey..I'm sure I'll be writing 07 for months to come..lol
I worked sick all day..have a stupid head cold. Throat hurts and one minute I'm stuffed up..the next runny nose. I stayed at work all day..but exhausted ..heading to bed soon. Hope everyone had a good day.