View Full Version : New Year's Day

1.1.08, 9:11 PM
How's everyone this evening? Anyone with hangovers? LOL Sheri..how was your party at your house? Wish I lived close enough to crash your party..ha ha. I got a lot done today. took down the tree and decorations..and got most put away in the attic. Have some boxes in the spare bedroom.Will get them put away in the attic another day. Got tired!! Had a quiet day at home..Just Terry and me.

1.1.08, 11:00 PM
Well glad you got your Christmas Decorations done Dragsy. I know that you'd been wanting to get them down. So now all you have to do is get them finished put away huh? Well I procrastinated to long today and didn't get my tree down at all so sitting here looking at it still and it's almost time for me to go to bed. So will do it another day I guess. Maybe tomorrow when I get off work. Oh well no big deal. Was a good day for me too just got some rest and watched movies most of the day did a little stuff around here got my hair colored again. So ready to go back to work. Take care!:blush2ey:

1.1.08, 11:55 PM
I should be in bed..but here I am..ha ha. I got a nap in..so I am not that tired yet. I don't go to work till later tomorrow..so staying up later doesn't really hurt. I'm glad you had a restful day Julie. I had a good day...a productive day...but also got some rest in too. HAPPY NEW YEAR..a new year for great things!!! See you around tomorrow.

1.2.08, 8:01 AM
Well I had to get to bed cause I get up so early when I work! Some times I do wish I could sleep in and go in later but then I would really hate staying late too. Oh well at least I get off early right? Enjoy working today. I'm trying to get woke up and ready to go to work. Take care!:blush2ey: