View Full Version : Does anyone like the "new" Marlena?

12.31.07, 4:10 PM
I don't know about anyone else but I am liking the new Marlena. She's tougher, more confident and isn't taking any **** from anyone. It's a great departure from the damsel in distress, weak Marlena she's been written to be over the years. I just like where I think this character is going. :)

1.1.08, 12:47 PM
Couldn't agree more! Marlena is so much better now. As you said, she is no longer the damsel in distress. In the past (not the last few years, but when she was first on the show), she has been a stronger character and I have hated watching her basically wringing her hands waiting to be saved.

I am happy that she has confronted Stefano. I loved, loved, loved the fact that she strung him along making him think she would trade herself for Sami. I love that she stood up for Brady with Chloe. I am not sure what is going on with the Brady/Chloe situation (and I admit I am a Chloe fan) so I will reserve judgment about that, but I like the fact that Marlena was so protective of Brady.

Marlena has re-grown her backbone. I love it! I hope she doesn't lose it.:rolleyez:

1.1.08, 1:59 PM
"Marlena has re-grown her backbone"

Well said. :)

1.2.08, 1:23 PM
Yes, loving her.

1.4.08, 9:28 PM
Yea I do. I like the take charge Marlena a lot better than the whiney one we have come to know. I hope that she does not go back to the whiney Marlena when John comes back into her life. Oh I can't wait to see her reaction to him though. I haven't had a healthy soap cry in a while.

1.5.08, 12:54 AM
"I haven't had a healthy soap cry in a while."

lol...I totally understand Dylanangel

1.5.08, 11:06 AM
Yep..was SO tired of her being the victim!!!I am loving it

1.11.08, 12:29 PM
Marlena is woman hear me roar, I won't stand by & let Stefano run amuck in my family anymore, she sure shocked Roman, Bo & Abe when she told them that if they can't do something she will.

1.13.08, 8:43 PM
I am sure I will get flamed for this. . . oh well!

Now that "John" is back say goodbye to our strong Marlena. She will be strong as long as it takes to get him back and will then revert back to the damsel in distress.

I wish we could have had more of our old beloved Marlena before they brought John back.

If any of you remember me from the old boards you may remember that I am not a John fan to say the least. I have never liked him. Yes, it's true, I think he is a waste of screen time. That being said . . . I might be able to see him on screen and not cringe if they didn't sacrifice Marlena's true character on the altar that is John&Marlena. As soon as he comes back for real, he will resume his "knight on a white horse" syndrome and the writers will strip Marlena of any independent thought and her backbone will once again resemble a bowl full of jelly.

Please be at least a little bit kind when you flame me.;) This is just my opinion. There are several characters I like on the show whom others eviscerate and I don't flame the author. So, please be gentle with me.:pinkyz:

1.13.08, 10:42 PM
Mary Beth, I am not gonna flame you. In fact, I'm gonna softly disagree and wish along with you. I really think (more so hopefully wish) that "this" Marlena remains the same. I'll explain why I think she will. The writers have been doing a great job with making Marlena stronger. (It hasn't gone un-noticed). John, for now is the weaker of the two. Like you said, she has to be strong to get John back.

I think ( hope) the writers will continue to let her shine. Letting Marlena shrink ( no pun intended) back to a "damsel in distress" will be a huge mistake. Marlena is ready to fight for her family. She is no longer hiding her feelings when her daughters act stupid. She is no longer letting the DiMeras off the hook. She is even challenging anyone who doesn't follow her lead. Marlena doesn't have time to feel sorry for herself. Her new job is to protect her family. All of them. At whatever length it will take.

The old Marlena never cut corners and always let the law do it's job, no matter how many times it failed her. This Marlena is making her own laws. What I am afraid of is, Marlena will come to realize that people like Stefano do what they do to stay in control, to keep their enemies down, no matter what they have to do. And protect the family at any cost. That alone will be unsettling for her, but necessary for her family.

1.14.08, 2:11 AM
I would like to be optimistic like you. . . unfortunately, the past has told us differently. As soon as John shows up "Doc" loses her backbone (don't get me started on the topic of John using Roman's nickname for her:yawner:). In the past, John has broken the law to get things done so Marlena hasn't had to.

I hope the writers understand how much we like her now and don't revert to having her be glorified arm candy for John.

DOOL1Fan, you and I agree on so much more it is nice to see that we can disagree in a civil tone.:)

1.14.08, 9:50 PM
Tho a couple of times last week I thought she went overboard like with Chloe. I also thought she was great with Sami, Belle, and the RoboCops. A few of the expressions today were a little weird. But I think she's just a bit rusty from being backburned for so long. All in all I really like the way she's being written and portrayed much better now.

1.17.08, 9:57 PM
Is Marlena's hair darker or is it my TV set? I like the new tone it is. I hope she's not gradually making it darker. I like it just the way it is now.

1.18.08, 3:50 PM
Yes, her hair is darker....I like it though.

Miss OO
1.18.08, 5:03 PM
If they are grooming her to be the show's new matriarch i.e. Alice Horton, she'd better grow a backbone. Alice Horton's shoes are big to fill and Marlena's character can't continue to be helpless as well as be the "dame" of the show. Can you even imagine Alice ever being so needy all the time? hopefully the change is permanent.

1.18.08, 5:17 PM
I am impressed with how she can be smart, strong, loving, sympathetic, tough, understanding, suspicious, and not willing to put up with any cr@p, all in a 5 minute span and all of it flows naturally and makes sense.

1.18.08, 8:51 PM
I like it though.

Yes, that's what I was saying. I hope she leaves it like it is now. But I don't want her to make it any darker. Lots of times blondes gradually go pitch black. I don't want that.