View Full Version : Miles

5.23.07, 8:32 PM
There is something about this man that is not trustworthy, something that goes beyond him spending most of his life in an institution. I wonder if he is really Mitch's brother and why isn't he telling the whole truth about Spencer's murder?

5.24.07, 11:24 AM
This guy is going to be the new show creepy guy. That deal yesterday.. trying to
be Marty's hero.. Well .. just too creepy. I can see him doing lots of evil things
to further his agenda.

5.24.07, 11:46 AM
I'm wondering if Spencer didn't brainwash Miles. He's probably programmed to carry out Spencer's dirty deeds in Llanview. It wouldn't surprise me, Higley and the other Days writers have always been big on brain chips and such.

5.24.07, 1:54 PM
I'm not sure I like this new format... I think it is harder to navigate. A brain chip ! You are probably right on the money.

5.25.07, 10:57 AM
Tinkering with someone's brain is exactly what Spencer would do! But I still don't like Miles! It creeps me out the way he hangs on Jessica and Natalie. But I *do* like him and the hooker! LOL! Double standards!

5.26.07, 8:26 AM
I don't watch daily ... but I thought he was somehow related to Jess & Natalie ... and I saw him & Natalie swapping spit in the bar the other day. What's that all about?

5.30.07, 11:31 AM
I creeped out at Miles and Nat kissing too, but realized that she is not a Lawrence, it's Jessica that is related to him. Still kind of weird, but they are not related.

6.4.07, 9:54 AM
Yes Nat and Miles Kissing was ...different. I agree with some of you here and wonder what Mr. Miles is up to, the thing with Marty and setting her up to only save her was strange but his plan did not work becuase John came to the rescue and not him. Now it looks like he may be up to more with Marty with the black mail.