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12.31.07, 12:17 PM
Sorry for my absence. Seems like I don't have much time to get on here lately. I was able to send you a few pictures though... hee hee
Christmas was good. Everything is all cleaned up and back to normal. We are working on the storage room...making it our work out room. Got thru everything and will now begin to prep the walls. Still bare sheet rock so we need to tape and texture, suspend the ceiling tiles and paint. SInce the room is mostly empty we can take out time and not have to rush. My guess is we will work on it a little every night until it gets done. Nothing too hard just time consuming. We are having the party at our house tonight..Have about 5-6 families coming over. We have good games and wonderful food alll ready to go!
I am working today though I have a small crew. Also waiting on a call from the Dr. I think the bladder infection fairy is visiting me today..YUCK! If I am lucky she will be able to give me meds without going in today..ugh.
Well I am off..plenty of things to do around here.
Hope you al are well and happy!
Cya in 2008!:p

12.31.07, 1:31 PM
Happy New Years racemom! I am glad you had time to post! I know your always a very busy lady! Sounds like you have a fun evening planned and I'm sure the food will be yummy too! So your doing a remodel project huh? Cool! I can't wait to see pictures of your finished product! Sure it will be lovely! Well here is hoping your New Year is full of New Beginnings! Take care!:blush2ey:

Well I had a meeting this morning even though I was off. Urrgh really didn't want to go but was there. And then a girl wanted me to change our days off so she could have Wednesday off. So I changed it so she could have it off. So I will work her floor on Wednesday instead of my floor. Then back to my normal routine on Thursday. Well not sure what I'm going to do yet today I might see if my cousin is doing anything fun tonight and go over there but not sure. Well take care all! And Happy new Year!:winkq:

12.31.07, 1:35 PM
Hi racemom,
I do hope your bladder infection doesn't get too bad. I only had it once in my life but it's not fun.
We are having a fondue tonight. That's why i am on the computer.I was printing out my sauce recipes.We are having fondue ,different breads,veggies and a couple deli trays. It's just quiet and cozy.I am not much of a party girl. Lol
we also got some movies and 'Scene it". It's a fun game.
Happy New Year to you too! Have fun tonight!

12.31.07, 8:55 PM
Hello everyone,
I finally got meds for my infection about 2pm. Still not feeling the best but will have a house full very soon and that will take my mind off the constant urge to potty! Gosh!
What a pain.
One of the couples coming also got scene it and totally 80's trivia...along with pictionary and catch phrase!
Our smaller gathering turned into a larger one than I expected. I only invited 4 families to begin with and then Pat kept adding more...so my night certainly won't be boring now. We will know have 8 families..WOW
I have the champagne chilling for Midnight!
Happy New Year!:p

12.31.07, 10:57 PM
Wish I could be there to help party Sheri. Enjoy the good times with all..but hope your bladder infection clears up soon. At least you got some meds before it gets worse. We are having a quiet time here at home. Sure missed you around here. Perhaps after the holidays are over..things might slow down a bit. Good luck on the remodeling project and thanks for the pics! Julie..hope that snow lets up where you are..Know you've been having a lot of driving problems with it all. Coffenut..enjoy your New Years too!!! Julie..save some of that wine you have..for me ok? LOL HAPPY NEW YEARS TO ALL!!!!!

1.1.08, 12:32 AM
Happy New Year Ladies
I wish for good Health and Happiness in 2008

1.1.08, 11:35 AM
Wow it's good to see people posting again! I guess we all were busy with our Holiday's and families! Glad everyone is celebrating and having fun with family! racemom so glad you got your medication I had one last month urrgh what an awful thing I was on medication too it cleared up right away but was very painful! I started drinking Cranberry juice on a regular basis now so I don't get another one! They say can get the if you drink a lot of tea well guess what I drink? LOL So hang in there. :winkq:

Dragsy I drank all my wine! It was so good! I had a nice quiet evening watching Dick Clark's Rockin New Years Eve Party And then shortly after midnight hit the bed cause I was tired by then. Well hope everyone's 2008 is a very wonderful one!:blush2ey:

1.1.08, 10:09 PM
CJ..good to see you! Hope you drop in and visit more!!