View Full Version : Confused about Lexie

12.30.07, 12:22 AM
So Dustin's site says Lexie is no longer on the show...what happened to her character? I don't remember the last time I saw her, but I do remember seeing Abe and his son (at the pub party?). Can somebody explain!?

12.30.07, 1:01 AM
She has been written out of the show and they have not said where she is. Another bad storyline left hanging with Days

12.31.07, 3:07 PM
Lexie is coming back. We should see her in January.

1.1.08, 1:57 AM
Darn I was hoping they would keep her off the show. So boring

1.5.08, 10:23 AM
Yeah she is returning..and is suppose to be involved in a big story...since she is a Dimera,,I am assuming it will be with them