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12.28.07, 3:44 AM
December 27, 2007

From Naomi Rabinowitz
We understand that on soaps, a certain amount of credibility has to be suspended when it comes to characters' responses and motivations. However, PASSIONS's Ethan has to be the most clueless male in daytime. After several near-misses, he still hasn't realized that Little Ethan is his child (this is after Little E actually called him "Daddy!") or that Little E is the one who donated part of his liver to Ethan's other son, Jonathan. In fact, Ethan has just assumed that Theresa's reluctance to tell him what's going on in her life (she's being forced to keep Little E's paternity secret) means she doesn't care about Jonathan. It's difficult to believe that Ethan hasn't caught on to what's really happening and it's getting difficult to route for him, especially when he reams out Theresa for her "bad" behavior.

1.6.08, 6:05 PM
I couldn't agree more with this post.