View Full Version : Wednesday 12-26-07

12.26.07, 10:29 AM
Well happy day after Christmas! I'm sure all of you are either going back to work today or out shopping for all them great deals! I'm just getting up and slept in after staying up late and spending time with family and playing games. Was a nice time we had with food and singing Karoke. We had a good time. But now it's back to work or reality for all of us isn't it? So today I have to clean up around my apartment and also have an interview for a second job at Blockbuster at 11:00AM today. I'll let you know how it goes. Take care!:winkq:

12.26.07, 9:01 PM
Julie..best of luck with the part time job at Block Buster. I went back to work today..and Walmart was wild of course..busy as ever. People shopping for half price stuff...spending their Christmas money and gift cards..etc. I'm ready for this madness to be over!

12.27.07, 7:19 AM
Yea I figured it would be awful at Walmart! I am sure you are going to be glad when things calm down. Probably will take a few days or until after New Years before that happens but hang in there!:winkq: