View Full Version : Merry Christmas!!!!

12.25.07, 7:56 AM
Why most of you are still asleep in your beds with visions of Christmas dancing in your heads. I am up early and typing away. LOL I couldn't sleep so got up probably will take a nap later though. Well not much planned tell later on today. I get the opportunity to go over and see my family this afternoon and pig out on some good food. My boys will be there too and also most of my family that is here in town. Well hope all of you have a great Christmas and get everything you wanted. Me just seeing my boys and watching them open their presents was my present this year. I have a present from my aunt that I still haven't opened yet. Well take care!:blush2ey:

12.25.07, 8:15 PM
Merry Christmas evening to all!! Julie...glad you got to see your boys!! That was the best part of Christmas..being with the ones you love. Patrick had to fly back to NYC today..so that part was bittersweet. Glad he got to come..but the visit was short. WE had a wonderful Christmas eve..as we did our gift giving yesterday here and at my mom's. But of course Santa came to the boys house this morning!! They had a nice Christmas!! I hated to see Patrick go ...I cried when he left. Never fails..I can't help it!!! But he made it back ok..he just called not long ago. MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE..LOVE YOU ALL!

12.26.07, 2:09 AM
Well glad your Christmas a good one Dragsy! I know you hated saying good bye to your son. It's always hard saying good bye to them. I know. Some times I get sad when I think I won't get to see my boys very often too. But they are grown men now and have their own lives to live. I just get to spend time with them when they have time for me. Well I had a pretty good time at my Aunts this evening good food. And we played Karoke cause my cousin got one for his wife. So naturally she wanted to try it out. It was fun but sort of hard tell we figured it out. Well up late but going to bed soon as my headache subsides. Take care!:blush2ey:

12.26.07, 8:58 PM
Headache from all the singing..or screeching..huh? LOL Glad you had time with your boys..and glad you spent fun time with your family!

12.27.07, 7:17 AM
Actually I think it was more from all the coffee I drank and then coming off it! LOL But I finally did get some rest and even slept in! I did have a great time! Thanks!:blush2ey: