View Full Version : Sweeney Todd...spoilers

12.22.07, 5:32 PM
I saw ST last night. What a great movie. Very visual and extremely entertaining. Johnny Depp is excellent. I thought Helena Bonham Carter acted beautifully but her thin voice bothered me. Especially since I have a great love for Angela Lansbury's version on Broadway.

But some great voices - especially the kid who plays Toby. They even gave him the song that Mrs. Lovett usually sings, and he was great.

The actor who plays Anthony Hope is Jamie Campbell Bower, and he's kinda irresistable. I read that he is hoping to play Tom Riddle in the next Harry Potter movie. That would be great casting, imo.

Very bloody, very violent, not for kids, btw. When the bodies drop down into the oven, it's pretty sickening and realistic.