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12.22.07, 2:46 PM
My mom says she won't watch the show if he leaves or if he and Sami are seperated.



12.22.07, 6:14 PM
The good news is, Lucas ( Bryan) leaving the show was just a rumor. Bryan Dattilo just signed a 2 year contract and well, we get to see more of his cute self. :)

Scroll down to the Staying section and there is a link to read more about it.

12.27.07, 8:18 PM
Since I'm an EJAMI fan, it woulda been good news for me if he left the show. He could always show up on GH or something if you like him. lol.

Anyway, when Sami was reading his Dear John note, his voice sounded deeper. Did they slow it down or something?

1.5.08, 11:32 AM
He will be off for a couple months I read..I too am an Ejami fan and would not care,,but I know lots of Lumi fans are worried.I think he will return and we will find out that Lucas is NOT a Horton but a Dimera..jmo of course

1.19.08, 11:18 AM
Bryan's just leaving temporarily and will be back.
Signing a contract really doesn't mean much because there are clauses that allow the show to cut you every thirteen weeks.
I believe Julie Pinson signed a contract but she's being let go.
As an Ejami fan, I don't want Lucas to leave. I just don't want him with Sami. He needs to find a woman more compatible with his needs and that's something Sami just can't be.

1.19.08, 1:41 PM
I didn't know about that whole 13 week thing but you are right, JP signed a 2 year contract is now she is leaving the show. Crazy to me but oh well, we got John back!!

2.9.08, 12:21 PM
Contracts protect the show, not the actors.